Title Modified Date
Holiday air travel - Guide for passengers 03.07.2014
Conference on Civil Aviation Safety in the field of General Aviation (GA) 03.07.2014
The Council Phase of the 202nd Session of ICAO Council 02.07.2014
The UE Directors General of Civil Aviation Meeting in Brussels 03.06.2014
EASA Management Board Meeting in Brussels 03.07.2014
Amendment or Creation of an Annex and Standard and Recommended Practice (SARP) - Infographics 21.05.2014
Consultation meeting on Performance Plan for Baltic FAB air navigation services for the years 2015-2019 21.05.2014
President of the CAA at the Poznan Airport 21.05.2014
EASA and CAA Workshop on the regulations of commercial air transport and flight time limitations 21.05.2014
Conference on Civil Aviation Safety in Commercial Air Transport (CAT) 21.05.2014

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