Title Modified Date
23rd meeting of the Legal Task Force in Paris 18.02.2014
The Evidence-Based Training (EBT) Symposium in Helsinki 14.02.2014
EU-ASEAN Aviation Summit in Singapore 11.02.2014
Infographics - Statistics concerning CAA activities in 2013 11.02.2014
Increasing requirements of noise standards for passenger aircraft 07.02.2014
Summary of CAA activities in 2013 03.01.2014
Holiday Greetings 27.01.2016
141th Meeting of Directors General of Civil Aviation (DGCA/141) in Paris 16.12.2013
The European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Forum/6 in Paris 12.12.2013
President of the Civil Aviation Authority at EASA Managment Board in Cologne 12.12.2013

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