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Conference on Civil Aviation Safety - how to fly consciously and responsibly

On 3 and 4 November 2014 at the Łazarski University the Conference on Civil Aviation Safety -"Awareness and Responsibility" was held. The conference was dedicated to commercial air transport (CAT) and general aviation (GA). This was the first conference taking place in the autumn season. The new initiative was announced in May 2014 by Mr. Piotr Ołowski - President of the Civil Aviation Authority during the Annual Conference on Civil Aviation Safety. The new formula of the conference was introduced in response to demand from the aviation industry and had as an objective to summarize the last season and allow aviation organizations to prepare for the new season even better.

A large number of participants were warmly welcomed by Mr Piotr Ołowski - President of the Civil Aviation Authority and Dr. Mieczyslaw Błoński - Vice President for Operations and Finances of Lazarski University, thanking everyone for coming and wishing a successful conference. President Ołowski pointed out that in the current year, a positive trend in the world aviation safety had been suddenly reversed as a result of crashes of two Malaysia Airlines flights. In connection with those tragic events the conference devoted to safety has become even more important in building awareness and responsibility of those involved in civil aviation sector. President of Ołowski also reminded of the importance of fair treatment and Just Culture and he presented the initiatives undertaken by the CAA aimed at improving knowledge of Polish prosecutors involved in the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents. President Ołowski also noted that 2014 is the special year because of the number of anniversaries celebrated in the civil aviation sector, such as the 85th anniversary of the signing of the Warsaw Convention, the 70th anniversary of the Chicago Convention, and the 100th anniversary of the first passenger flight, which took place from St. Petersburg to Tampa, Florida.

The first panel was opened by Dr. Anna Konert from Łazarski University, who discussed the legal basis for the insurance agreements in the civil aviation. In the first panel there also were described the safety culture in organizations (Mariusz Krzyzanowski, PANSA) and the Just Culture (Julian Rotter, Piotr Ptak, CAA). The conference participants had the opportunity to ask questions after each of the speeches. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, not all were able to pose questions. For those who did not manage to do so during the conference speakers allowed the opportunity to ask questions via e-mail.

The next panel concerned summaries of the audits regarding Safety Management System (SMS) (Piotr Ptak and Piotr Matyszewski, CAA), Emergency Response Planning (Dariusz Sarnociński, CAA) and the activities which shall be done after the occurance such as aviation incident or accident (Agata Kaczyńska, State Commision on Aircraft  Accidents Investigations). All subjects were presented to raise awareness of the audience on  the safety issues. The speakers stressed out the importance of responsibility for actions, which directly affect the safety of civil aviation. Knowledge on how to behave in the event of an aviation occurrence or a aviation accident, who shall be informed, how to secure the area, how to implement an action plan in case the stress was too large – those subjects were raised and discussed.

The last panel, which took place on the first day of the conference was attended by among others, Dr. Maciej Lasek - Chairman of the State Commission on Aircraft Accident Investigations, who together with Janusz Strzelczyk, CAA presented the occurrence reporting rules. At the end of the first day the participants were informed on the new surveillance system based on a risk assessment within the AOC holders and the ATO. Those issued were presented by the Civil Aviation Authority specialists - Dr. Albert Ortyl and Krzysztof Miłkowski. The theme, which raised also the great interest was the speech of Mrs. Elzbieta Konieczna, CAA on facilitations in establishment of the airstrips.

On the second day of the conference the participants were able to learn on the changes of the provisions of the EU in the area of air operations (Albert Ortyl, CAA), how the service information on aviation obstacles operates (Martin Latos, CAA) and how important for the safety are other works around the airport (Joanna Santkiewicz-Galas and Bartosz Świerzewski, CAA). At the end of the first panel the participants could listen to the presentation on the impact of the interpretation of the regulations on the safety of flight operations (Piotr Lipiec, SCAAI).

One of the lectures aroused particular interest among the audience and concerned the supervision of instructors having the instructor rating with restrictions (Krzysztof Miłkowski, CAA). The second panel was closed by the presentation of Dr. Magdalena Rycak, Łazarski University), during which she discussed the issues of the employer's liability for the actions of employees.

During the last panel the most patient participants had the opportunity to hear about organization of the air show (Tadeusz Grono, CAA), sanctions and penalties for a breach of aviation law (Joanna Wójcik and Iwona Grochowalska, CAA) and the role of the aviation sector in shaping the EU legislation (Marcin Szczygieł, Tomasz Prost, CAA).

The conference participants had also the opportunity to watch the archival film "Caution", concerning aviation accidents which occurred over several years of the Aero Club in PRL. The authors analyzed accidents which happened at the time, trying to find answers to what was the cause, trying to prompt the pilots associated in Aero Club how they should avoid dangerous situations. Despite the fact that the film was dated, the issues presented there are still valid.

At the end of the conference Mr Maciej Kozlowski – the Vice President of Aviation Standards together with the representatives of SCAAI and employees of the Safety Management Division thanked all the participants for their active participation. President Kozlowski expressed hope that the lectures presented at the conference will help to raise awareness of safe flying, which would increase the responsibility for us and for other airspace users.

We encourage you to read the presentations presented during the conference:

pdfUbezpieczenia OC w działalności lotniczej - Anna Konert i Michał Chmielewski1.93 MB
pdfKultura bezpieczeństwa w Organizacjach - Mariusz Krzyżanowski2.26 MB
pdfKultura sprawiedliwego traktowania - Julian Rotter917.3 KB
pdfSMS Podsumowanie po audytach - Piotr Matyszewski553.92 KB
pdfSMS Practical Assessment of SMS by Competent Authorities - Piotr Ptak1.8 MB
pdfERP Materiał Doradczy - Dariusz Sarnocinski.pdf2.9 MB
pdfDzialania po zdarzeniu - Agata Kaczyńska367.88 KB
pdfZgłaszanie zdarzeń - Janusz Strzelczyk i Maciej Lasek1.26 MB
pdfNowy system nadzoru w oparciu o ocenę ryzyka w AOC - Albert Ortyl663.35 KB
pdfNowy system nadzoru w oparciu o analizy ryzyka w ATO - Krzysztof_Miłkowski1.76 MB
pdfUłatwienia przy zakładaniu lądowisk - Elżbieta Konieczna616.73 KB
pdfZmiany przepisów unijnych w zakresie operacji lotniczych - Albert Ortyl926.54 KB
pdfSerwis o przeszkodach - Marcin Latos9.04 MB
pdfZabezpieczenie prac na lotnisku - Joanna Santkiewicz-Galas i Bartosz Świerzewski2.43 MB
pdfPrace na lotnisku Studium przypadku - Piotr Lipiec2.25 MB
pdfNadzór nad instruktorami z ograniczeniami - Krzysztof Miłkowski1.13 MB
pdfOdpowiedzialność za naruszenie obowiązków pracowniczych - Magdalena Rycak1.02 MB
pdfPokazy lotnicze - Tadeusz Grono i Paweł Agaciak12.89 MB
pdfNaruszenia przepisów prawa lotniczego sankcje i skargi - Joanna Wójcik i Iwona Grochowalska458.7 KB
pdfRola środowiska lotniczego w kształtowaniu prawodawstwa EU - Marcin Szczygieł i Tomasz Prost1.49 MB












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