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07.03.2014 Aktualizacja: 10.03.2014

The Fifth Meeting of the Council of ICAO and the First Meeting of the EAG within 201st Session

On 5 March 2014 was held the fifth meeting of the Council of ICAO under the 201st Session. Members of the Council with the participation of the Permanent Representative of Poland Dr. Małgorzata Polkowska discussed a series of documents including the Report of the Monitoring and Assistance Review Board (MARB) and a Report of the Implementation Support and Development - Security (ISD -SEC) Programme. The members of the Council were presented with the annual report on the activities of the ICAO Regional Offices and work programmes for 2014. Activities have been summarized under six main areas: Safety, Capacity and Efficiency of Air Navigation, Security and Facilitation, Economic Development of Air Transport, Environment and Technical Cooperation. Later in the meeting there were presented a Report on Technical Co-operation Programme Development, a Review of the organizational structure and functions of the ICAO Regional Offices and review of the resolutions and decisions of the 38th Session of the ICAO Assembly concerning legal subjects.

On 6 March, a coordination meeting of the European Union was held followed by the first meeting of the newly established Environmental Advisory Group (EAG). During the coordination meeting the participants discussed matters, which were to be discussed at the EAG meeting, recent work amending the scope of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) for aviation including outcomes from Trilogue’ meeting of the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission.

During the EAG meeting, the Group elected the Chairman of EAG, which was Mr. Tee Chiou Ng, Permanent Representative of Singapore to the Council of ICAO. The participants discussed the methodology of work, manner of conducting meetings and reporting to the Council. There were presented the work programme and the roadmap. During the meeting, representatives of the BRIC countries actively participated in discussions on the MBMs. It was found that observers of EAG meetings may also have an input in discussion. Mr. Victor Aguado, Representative of Spain suggested that during the next week's meeting of the Council of ICAO there should be presented a report on the meeting of the Committee for Environmental Protection (CAEP), which takes place in Washington DC, USA. The meeting of the Group was also participated by: the President of the ICAO Council Dr. Benard Olumuyiwa Aliu, Secretary General of ICAO Mr. Raymond Benjamin, Director of Air Transport Bureau, Dr. Boubacar Djibo and Ms. Jane Hupe, Chief, Environment Branch, ICAO. The next meeting of the group is scheduled on 13 March. In 2014 the Representatives in the EAG are: Representative of UK or Germany, Spain and the Italy (Acting as a EU Co-ordinator on behalf of Greece). In 2015 the Representatives will be: Representative of UK or Germany, France and EU Co-ordinator.

On March 7, will be held the sixth meeting of the ICAO Council, last during the "safety week".









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