05.03.2014 Aktualizacja: 05.03.2014

The second meeting of the Working Group on Governance and Performance (WGGE)

On March 4, the second meeting of the Working Group on Governance and Efficiency (WGGE) was held within 201st Session of the Council of ICAO. Before the meeting was held a funeral ceremony of Dr. Assad Kotaite, President Emeritus of the ICAO Council, who passed away on 27 February 2014. The ceremony was attended by Members of the Council of ICAO, Secretary General Mr. Raymond Benjamin, President of the ICAO Council Dr. Benard Olumuyiwa Aliu and former President of the ICAO Council Mr. Roberto Kobeh González.

During the WGGE meeting, there was presented a document on the review of the structure and functions of regional offices, training policy, strengthen supervision and priorities of the Council and to promote coordination and cooperation of regional programs. The participants considered the initial Directives of the Panels ICAO. The panels were established by the Air Navigation Commission (ANC), Air Transport Committee (ATC) and the Unlawful Interference Committee (UIC). Moreover, there have been discussed the matters of the profile of the panels, the number of participants, the manner of selection the participants and the information on which the panel shall elect chairmen. In addition, participants were presented with diagrams showing participation in Committees by World Regions.

Polish Permanent Representative of the Council of ICAO, Dr. Małgorzata Polkowska participates within the three-year term in the Council in the Air Transport Committee (ATC), Technical Co-operation Committee (TCC) and the Edward Warner Award Committee.


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