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Theoretical exams

Ladies and gentlemen,

Please be informed that April sitting will be held from 13 until 23 of April 2021.

Making reservations for the April sitting will be possible from 9.00 a.m. on April 6, 2021.

The examination sitting will be held from 8.30 until 15.30.

In April sitting we can only accept:

- candidates with reservations,

- candidates for whom the April sitting is the last sitting they can attend – please be aware that it only applies to candidates who already have their exams started.

Attention! In case the number of covid infections remains very high, the April sitting may be canceled.



Information on 100 KSA

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Please be aware that information on exemptions regarding time periods specified in FCL.025 a(3) and b(2) (the recomendation validity period and time for taking exams) is available at our website: https://ulc.gov.pl/pl/personel-lotniczy/covid-19/4986-informacja-dla-personelu-lotniczego-uczestniczacego-w-operacjach-lotnictwa-ogolnego


The application for the theory test

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Plan of theoretical examinations in 2020

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Please be informed that ATPL, CPL, IR theoretical exams are conducted upon current version of the ECQB database. The exams for ATPL, CPL, IR are conducted in English language.

The exams for PPL(A), PPL(H), BPL and SPL are conducted upon national question database and held in Polish language. For PPL(A) and PPL(H) there is a possibility to have an English preview on the exam.

All the exams are held according to PartFCL requirements.

Please find below the rules of taking exams in Aviation Examination Board of the Polish CAA:

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Ladies and gentleman,

Please also be informed that from May sitting the reservation are obligatory in all days of the examination sitting.
Please be aware that „new” reservations do not allow to choose the hours of the exams.

Starting from May sitting candidates with reservations are obliged to register themselves in the room no 4 until 12.00 o’clock and directly after registration enter the examination room (provided that there are seats available). Candidates registering themselves after noon are considered as the candidates with no reservations.

Candidates with no reservation will also be able to enter the examination room provided that there are some spaces available.
The system does not allow to make more than 4 reservations in one sitting.

In order to minimize the queues candidates taking ATPL and CPL exams are only allowed to activate three subjects at a time.

The above changes are introduced in order to improve the examination process and get an optimal usage of the examination desk throughout the whole sitting.


Sample Exam Questions

Licence SPL

Licence BPL

Licence PPL(A)
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Licence PPL(H)
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Licence PPL(A) ENG

Licence PPL(H) ENG
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